Beat The Pro

Are your guests ready to take on TRICKYROB?

Bored of the old beat the pro challenges? then entertain your guests by adding the Trickyrob’s beat the pro to your next event.

Whilst your guest will be hitting short irons into the par 3 Trickyrob will be aiming to beat them whilst hitting a driver off a 4ft high tee, standing on a ladder off one leg, facing backwards and shaping the ball to the group’s request. This is something that has to be seen to be believed, that will keep your guests talking about your event for many years to come.

Trickyrob can also entertain your guests by trying to beat them on a long Drive Hole, but once again in Trickyrob style – Bouncing the ball off 3 paving slabs before hitting the drive down the fairway while the ball is 4ft in mid-air!!! This unique style can also be used for “Beat The Pro” using 4 slabs!!!!!

You will also receive a 4 ball voucher to be used as a prize for the winner of the challenges with my complements.

Beat the Pro Off 4 Slabs


Long Drive Off 3 Slabs

The VIP Playing Experience

From the Challenge Midland Golfer Article

One day in early spring two confident MG golfers strode through the double doors of Morley Hayes, left their golf bags in reception and marched upstairs to The Pavilion to meet their opponents for a special challenge match they were convinced they were going to win.

Rhodium Events are a new company involved in the planning of major corporate events, conferences, team building exercises and golf days. Neil and Rob, the co-owners met us at Morley, Rob has an alter-ego though, better known in golfing circles as ‘Tricky Rob’ , an up and coming trick show artist of growing repute.


When our golfers, Spencer and Neil found out what the challenge was, their air of confidence was surely justified. A matchplay stableford fourball on full handicap allowance, except for Rob who could only play with the one club, his driver and all shots he played had to be from the high tees you can see pictured. Apart from putts of course, he putted off the ground naturally, yet still with his driver. A win in the bag for MG surely, what could possibly go wrong?

Everything! From the first tee to the 18th hole we were left in awe and just how talented Rob was with his single club and raised tees! Rob and Neil wanted us to experience just how hard it was to hit a ball off a raised tee, so on the first tee we had a go – turns out it’s a little harder than it looks, we didn’t actually hit the ball at all, but instead sent the tee 20 yards down the fairway. But MG aren’t quitters and perseverance eventually paid off, by the time we reached the 14th tee we’d managed to get the driver to hit the ball instead!

What staggered us the most was the distance and accuracy Rob was able to get, both Neil and I are pretty big hitters of the ball, but Rob on most occasions matched or out drove us. He even took a left handed club and played it right handed and ripped a drive 280 yards down the 17th fairway.

In the bag Rob had an array of drivers – some standard length, others cut shorter, whilst others had different lofts. He used each one to his advantage and was able to control them perfectly off the raised tees. Around the greens his touch was sublime and in the bunkers he used a one arm, one leg technique and still got it closer than us. Show off!

On the day we only got a small glimpse of what Rob could actually do, but we were suitably impressed enough and left mesmerized when Neil and Rob wrapped up our match at the 15th three holes up. There was some great banter throughout the game and you can see that Rob is able to entertain and engage his audience completely. So if your thinking about a golfing event and you want something a little different, then give the guys Rhodium a call, you and your guests will be impressed for sure.